CLOUD 11 + FT 10 GW
CLOUD 11 + FT 10 GW CLOUD 11 + FT 10 GW

CLOUD 11 + FT 10 GW, 147

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There’s nothing like long, sweeping glides down a piste – no sliding, no chatter, just you and the piste beneath you. If that’s your style, the Atomic Cloud 11 is your ski. With its clean white looks on top, combined with its super powerful performance and Light Woodcore underneath, it’s one of our most popular piste skis in the range. This model also features Atomic Servotec Light on top for more stability – and even sweeter gliding.

  • Full Sidewall
  • Servotec Light
  • Titanium Stabilizer
  • Light Woodcore
  • Structured Topsheet
  • EZY 3 M